The Complete S1 Helmets Buying Guide 2021



How to measure your head


Measuring your head is very helpful to figure out what size Lifer Helmet you will need. It is easiest to do this with a soft measuring tape but if you do not have one you can use a string or a cell phone charging cable and then measure that against a ruler or hard measuring tape. You need to measure your heads circumference and will want to wrap the measuring tape starting in the middle of your forehead and just above your eye brows, then around your head above your ears and back around your head to the middle of your forehead where you started. Put simply you want to measure your head where your hat would normally sit or where you would imagine the helmet to fit on your head just above your eye brows.

Once you get your measurement

Now you can compare it to the sizing charts on the individual Lifer Helmet product pages to see which Lifer will fit you.

If your head measures 18.5 – 20.5″ check out the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet.

If your head measures 20.5″ – 23.5″ check out the S1 Lifer Helmet

If your head measures 23.” – 25.5″ check out the S1 Mega Lifer Helmet.

And if you are ordering a helmet for someone as a gift it is always a good idea to order a FIT ALL KIT to help the helmet fit perfectly. The Fit All Kit comes with 7 different sizing liners of varying thickness.

Why make sure your helmet fits? for BMX, Scooter and Skateboard riders concussion based injuries and head trauma are very common, assuring your helmet fits the best it possibly can will assure the most protection possible and assist in mitigating head trauma and concussions.

How to pick a helmet


The Lifer certified skateboarding helmet is available in 3 different shell sizes to accommodate different size heads. The Certified Lifer Helmet is the perfect helmet for BMX, Skateboarding, Roller Derby, Aggressive Scooter Riding, Electric Scooter riding and probably way more gnarly things. Helmet fit is key in making sure when you’re getting up to ‘gnarly things’ your head is as protected as possible.

Measure your head

If it measures 18″ – 20.25″ get an S1 Mini Lifer certified skateboarding helmet

If it measures 20.5″- 23.25″ get an S1 certified skateboarding helmet Helmet

If it measures 23.5″ – 24.5″ get an S1 Mega certified skateboarding helmet

Fun fact: Most kids ages 6 and under will fit into the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet. And 80% of people ages 7 and up fit into an S1 Lifer Helmet.

If you are buying a helmet for someone and you can’t measure their head – follow this general rule of thumb. Ages 6 and under order an S1 Mini Lifer Helmet (and buy a Fit All Kit so they can fit it perfectly) . Ages 7 and up order an S1 Lifer Helmet (and buy a Fit All Kit so they can fit the helmet perfectly).